Carrier Air Separation Group emancipates its mind, keeps pace with the times, and builds a corporate culture with its own characteristics with the theme of entrepreneurship and development. Carrier people renew their concepts, so that the company's strategic policy, management concept, technology concept, quality concept, team spirit, etc. are all adapted to the needs of the development of the market economy. The company takes self-improvement as the soul, and actively cultivates the team's spirit of dedication and dedication; uses technology as the means to effectively demonstrate the team's energy to build brands; and uses various activities as the carrier to fuse the employees as a fighting group that creates brilliance together.

The advanced corporate culture has inspired the aggressive and enterprising spirit of Carrier employees. They regard dedication to the enterprise as their life pursuit to realize their self-worth. They are concerned about the development of the company, and they are interested in Carrier's revitalization. They say it well: "People are Carrier people, and their heart is a happy heart. They create my career and build my soul." They have made positive contributions to the development of the company through united struggle, hard work and progress.

Take advantage of the wind of culture, raise the sails of development, and meet a more brilliant tomorrow. . . .