The company undertakes a set of Anhui Shougang Dachang Metal 25000 Air Separation Project Contract

On August 5th, the company signed a new contract with Xi'an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. This KDON(AR)-25000/40000/700m3/h type air separation plant was designed for Anhui Shougang Dachang Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Provided by the general contracting project.

This set of 25000 air separation plant is an air separation plant that adopts structured packing column, pre-purification in the front section, external compression of oxygen and nitrogen, and full distillation without hydrogen to produce argon. Provide the cooling capacity required by the device, double-column rectification, oxygen and nitrogen external compression technology, the control and interlocking of the entire device are completed by the DCS system, the process and process follow the most advanced and most common international practices, and implement stable operation as the Premise design patterns.

This technical transformation project is the first phase of Xuzhou Shaangu Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. 20000 air separation unit relocation and transformation project. Through technical transformation, the 20000 air separation unit will be transformed into a 25000 air separation unit, and the supporting product gas compression system, spherical tank and air separation unit will be constructed. Pressure system, cryogenic liquid storage and backup system, compressed air system, circulating water system, instrument and electrical control system, water supply and drainage and other facilities, as well as the connection of raw material air and product gas with the corresponding pipeline network of Phase I and Phase II.

At present, the company's technical preparation work has been started, and the majority of employees are determined to make persistent efforts and work hard, hand in satisfactory answers to users with practical actions, and build a profit milestone.