Carrier Air Separation Donates Love to the People in Disaster Areas

On July 29, the chairman of the company, Yin Fujin, led some cadres and employees of the company to the Yuwangtai District Charity Federation of Kaifeng City to donate disaster relief materials, beef sausages and instant noodles to relieve the urgent dietary needs of the people who suffered from the flood disaster and serve the Central Plains. The victims of the disaster donated a lot of love.

"One side is in trouble, and all sides support." Recently, the heavy rain in Henan caused the Central Plains area to experience unprecedented flood disasters, causing serious losses to the national economy and people's lives and properties. The flood disaster in Henan has affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of people in the motherland, forming a great flood-fighting spirit of unity, unity, not afraid of difficulties, tenacious struggle, perseverance, and daring to win. The cadres and employees of Carrier’s sub-divisions care about the people in the disaster area, and actively respond to the call of the company’s leaders, focus on production with the spirit of fighting floods, further rejuvenate production enthusiasm, unite as one, overcome difficulties, speed up production progress, ensure product quality, and take practical actions for flood fighting and disaster relief, for We will do our best to restore Henan's economic construction. Make due contributions to the economic development and national construction of the Central Plains region with outstanding achievements!