Guests from Guizhou Xijiu came to the company to visit and exchange

On July 13, a group of guests from Kweichow Moutai Distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd., led by Yang Gangren, member of the company's party committee and deputy general manager, carried out the visit and exchange activity of "Xijiu Entering Famous Enterprises".

At 4:00 p.m., the company conference room was full of warm and cheerful atmosphere. The chairman of the company, Yin Fujin, and other group leaders warmly received the guests from afar. In a sincere and friendly atmosphere, the two sides introduced enterprise management, technology development, cultural construction, production and operation, and talked about the future development prospects of the enterprise. After discussions and exchanges, the two sides deepened their understanding and enhanced their friendship. Everyone said that under the guidance of the party's banner, the two sides should encourage each other, strive to be strong, create greater economic and social benefits with outstanding achievements, and make new contributions to the realization of my country's second centenary goal.

The guests from Guizhou Xijiu also presented delicious wine to our company. Accompanied by company leaders such as Yin Dong, they visited the production branch and workshop with great interest, and further learned about the production process of air separation products and the role of air separation equipment in the national economy. important role in construction. In the end, the leaders of you and me shook hands tightly and bid farewell to each other. The activity of Xijiu entering famous enterprises was a complete success.