The company signed a set of 20,000 air separation contracts with Xi'an Shaangu Power

Not long ago, the company signed a set of 20,000 air separation equipment contract with Xi'an Shaangu Power after signing a set of 5,000 air separation units. After the 20000 air separation plant is put into operation, it will be used for the construction project of Hubei Kunye Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd.

The production process of this KDON(AR)-20000/40000/650m3/h type air separation plant is the domestic advanced oxygen self-pressurization and external compression process. , Low-pressure air separation process of structured packing tower, full rectification for argon production, oxygen self-pressurization, and external compression of oxygen and nitrogen. The device mainly consists of air filtration system, raw air compressor system, air pre-cooling system, molecular sieve purification system, booster turbo expander system, fractionation tower system, liquid storage and vaporization system, gas storage and pressure regulation system, circulating water system, instrumentation control system, etc.

This 20000 air separation plant has advanced technological process, and the main equipment adopts domestic and international advanced products. The device has many advantages such as high safety, reliable operation, strong operability and low energy consumption.