The company signed a 5000 air separation supply contract with Xi'an Shaangu Power

Recently, the company signed a supply contract for a set of 5000 air separation equipment with Xi'an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. This set of air separation plant is to meet the needs of Linzhou Fengbao Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. to replace the energy of the second-stage gas generator with high-efficiency and clean coal-to-gas Provided for comprehensive utilization of engineering needs.

This KDON-5000/10000m3/h type air separation plant adopts the process flow of full low pressure molecular adsorption purification, air booster turbo expander refrigeration, expanded air entering the upper tower, product oxygen self-pressurization + pure liquid oxygen. The device has advanced process, mature technology, convenient operation, reliable operation, economical and reasonable unit configuration, safety and low consumption. The whole set of equipment includes air filtration and compression system, air pre-cooling system, purification system, booster turboexpander system, fractionation tower system, pure liquid oxygen storage backup system, circulating water system, self-use instrument gas system, factory compressed air system, adjustment pressure system, instrument control system, electronic control system, etc.

The set of 5000 air separation unit can operate within the range of 75%~105% of the design oxygen output under variable load conditions without any additional equipment (under design conditions), and meet the requirements of the maximum and minimum product quantities. .