The company undertakes a set of 2400 air separation contracts in Xinjiang Xingfa

In mid-June, the company contracted a supply contract for a set of 2400 air separation plants from Xinjiang Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. This air separation plant is the supporting air separation plant for the user's annual output of 50,000 tons of dimethyl sulfite project (Phase II). device.

This KDON-2400/2000m3/h air separation plant is required to be designed according to the internal compression process. The process and process follow the most advanced and common international practices, and implement the design mode based on the premise of stable operation, while improving energy-saving efficiency. The company designs, manufactures, installs and debugs in accordance with the technical agreement, and the purity of oxygen must reach more than 99.6%, and the purity of nitrogen must reach more than 99.99%. This device includes air filtration, air compression, air pre-cooling, air purification, fractionation tower and other main systems. The air is turned into a liquid state by means of compression cycle deep freezing, and oxygen and nitrogen are gradually separated according to different boiling points through cryogenic rectification. The control of the whole set is completed by the DCS system. All pipes are made of seamless steel pipes, equipped with connecting pipe fittings and valves in accordance with the standard, and pressure vessels and pressure pipes are matched with safety accessories according to the specifications. At present, the company's technical preparation and other work have been carried out, and the majority of employees are determined to make new contributions to the construction and development of Xinjiang with excellent products and excellent services.