The 4500 air separation plant provided by the company for Anshan Yuanxin was successfully started

Recently, the KDON-4500/3000m3/h air separation plant provided by Henan Carrier Air Separation Equipment Group Co., Ltd. for Anshan Yuanxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been successfully started up, runs stably, and is well received by users.

The whole process flow of this 4500 air separation plant adopts the simulation calculation of the most advanced design software in the world. The software has been processed by the relevant technicians through the regression of dozens of domestic and foreign parameters with stable operation to ensure that the simulation calculation results are consistent with the actual operation parameters. This set of air separation equipment consists of a set of oxygen generators using packed towers and molecular sieve pre-purification (molecular sieve plus activated alumina), pressurized turboexpander, and external oxygen compression, that is, using molecular sieve pre-purification at room temperature, air pressurization The turbo expander provides the cooling capacity required by the device, the double column rectification, the liquid storage evaporation system, and the product compression system. The variable pressure load of this equipment is 50-105%. The entire air separation system is matched with each other, with reasonable design, sophisticated manufacturing and high matching level, so that the product extraction rate is high, the oxygen extraction rate is ≥98%, and the energy consumption is low. The control and interlocking of the whole set of devices is completed by the DCS system, which adopts computer control, which makes the control more advanced, the operation more convenient, and the operation more safe and reliable.